About me

MICHAEL WATTS (BSc Experimental Psychology)
Professional handwriting analyst (graphologist)

A frequent guest on television in the UK and USA, I have demonstrated my skills on ITV, BBC 1, Sky News, ‘Live TV’ (with Simon Bates) and on the Radio Five Simon Bates Show. I am now regarded as one of Europe’s top handwriting analysts, or graphologists.

Some of my past TV appearances in the UK and USA can be found here,

The following video comprises a brief two minute "montage" of extracts from the aforementioned key Television Appearances

I have written two books on graphology, which featured in ‘The Book Club’ (UK) and in the US book clubs Doubleday, Doubleday Health, and the Literary Guild, and I am the author of three highly reviewed academic philosophy texts on Existentialism, (Søren Kierkegaard and Martin Heidegger). More can be read about my books here.

In addition, I have contributed handwriting analyses to numerous magazines and national newspapers in the UK, USA, Australia and Sweden.

After graduating from Sussex University (UK) in Experimental Psychology, I conducted three years of post-graduate research under the supervision of the eminent American graphologist and ‘expert witness’ Charles Cole (founder of AHAF), who instructed me in the discipline of personality profiling for personnel selection, using handwriting analysis as the fundamental tool. Read my full CV here.

And shortly after the completion of my studies, I assisted the Security Commission in Whitehall in 1983, concerning a matter of top security, and subsequently became a personnel consultant for corporations worldwide, using my expertise in handwriting analysis, for pre-interview screening, and the assessment of shortlisted candidates ranging from junior management positions to CEOs. Read some testimonials about me here.

My other graphological services include psychotherapeutic profiles, compatibility assessments, child and family guidance, and demonstrations of handwriting analysis at exhibitions and corporate seminars. On two occasions I was invited by the late Rita Udall to be guest speaker for The Adlerian Society of Great Britain (for individual psychotherapy).