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Michael Watts graduated with honors in 1980 with a BSc in Experimental Psychology (Sussex University, UK), and continued with post-graduate research in Graphology under the supervision of Charles Cole, the eminent American graphologist who founded the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF). Cole was also an ‘expert witness’ in the Federal courts of California. Subsequently, Michael also took private instruction from Dorothy Hodos (President of the AHAF, 1984–86). For further information about Cole and the AHAF’s history, please click here.

He has written two books on handwriting analysis, which featured in ‘The Book Club’ (UK) and in the US bookclubs Doubleday, Doubleday Health, and the Literary Guild.

After assisting the Security Commission in Whitehall, Michael became personnel consultant for corporations worldwide, using his expertise in handwriting analysis, mostly for pre-interview screening, and the assessment of shortlisted candidates ranging from junior management positions to CEOs. His other graphological services include psychotherapeutic profiles, compatibility assessments, child and family guidance and demonstrations of handwriting analysis at exhibitions and corporate seminars. On two occasions he was invited by the late Rita Udall to be guest speaker for The Adlerian Society of Great Britain (for individual psychotherapy).

He has contributed numerous articles and analyses for magazines and national newspapers in the UK, USA, Australia and Sweden; these have included USA Today, Fitness Magazine, Toronto Sun, The Sunday Times Magazine, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mirror and Bella. And in Australia: New Idea, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Day.

A frequent guest on radio and television in the UK and USA, his appearances have included ITV, BBC1’s ‘Artifax’ and Sky News (Live at Five), ‘UK Living’, ‘Live TV’ (interviewed by Simon Bates) and ‘What’s New’ (New York). BBC Radio Five (Simon Bates Show), London Newstalk Radio, and nine regional BBC radio stations. He is now regarded as one of Europe’s top handwriting analysts.

An independent scholar and writer, he speaks four languages – German, Swedish, French and gets by in Spanish – and has researched widely in philosophy, his specialist interest being in the affinity between East Asian non-dualist philosophy and existentialism and the implications this has for everyday existence. His most recent publication, Seven Amazing Cutting Edge Therapies, covers innovative therapies within the field of complimentary medicine.

His philosophy publications have been extremely well received by his peers in the academic community worldwide – see Jonathan Derbyshire’s review of Heidegger: A Beginner’s Guide, which appeared in The Philosopher’s Magazine (UK), and Professor Roy Martinez’ review of Kierkegaard in Review of Metaphysics (USA), and numerous reviews of his latest philosophy work, The Philosophy of Heidegger.

Psychology/graphology publications:

  1. Doodle Interpretation: A Beginner’s Guide, Michael Watts, Hodder and Stoughton Educational, London, 2000 (also published as an e-book, October 2014: The Spiritual Significance of your Doodles, Drawings & Scribbles)
  2. Lovescript: What Handwriting Reveals About Love & Romance, Michael Watts, St Martins Griffin, New York (1996)
  3. The Naked Hand: Sexuality Revealed Through Handwriting, Michael Watts, Headline Book Publishing (a division of Hodder Headline), London (1995)
  4. Graphology: What Your Handwriting Reveals About You, Your Friends and Your Enemies, Michael Watts, Simon & Schuster, New York (1991)

Philosophy publications:

  1. The Philosophy of Heidegger (Continental European Philosophy Series), Michael Watts, Acumen Publishing, April 2011, later published by Routledge (also published as an e-book, September 2014, under same title)
  2. Kierkegaard (Philosophers), Michael Watts, Oneworld Publications, Oxford 2003 (also published as an e-book, September 2014: Kierkegaard: An Essential Introduction)
  3. Heidegger: A Beginner’s Guide, Michael Watts, Hodder and Stoughton Educational, London, 2001 (also published as an e-book, November 2014: Heidegger: An Essential Guide for Beginners)
  4. Heidegger: A Beginner’s Guide, Spanish Language Edition: Heidegger Guia para Jovenes (Michael Watts), Logues Ediciones, Madrid, 2003
  5. Heidegger: A Beginner’s Guide, Korean Language Edition (Michael Watts): Korean Translation copyright by Random House Joong-Ang Inc, Seoul, 2006

Complimentary Medicine Publications:

1. Psychedelic Healing for the 21st Century, Michael Watts, United Kingdom February 2017 (Also published as an e-book)

2. Seven Amazing Cutting-Edge Therapies, Michael Watts, United Kingdom, April 2017 (Also published as an e-book)

Outside of graphology:

Michael’s leisure interests include music and, since 1996, hang gliding. Formerly a skydiver, Michael is now a keen hang glider pilot and flies in the south of Sweden, but mainly in the French Alps, in the Rhône-Alpes region of southeast France in the region of Lake Annecy. (Anyone visiting this region who is interested in experiencing a tandem hanggliding flight can contact the most experienced tandem pilot in the area at the following address):

Michael has also maintained for many years, a passionate interest in Qigong, Tai Chi and healing for many years, and holds certificates in Reiki levels 1 & 2 and Qigong Healing, and is a certified instructor of Tai Chi and Qigong, having attained instructor level certification in seven different forms of medical qigong.